Happy Excited Couple in Front of Their New Home Construction Framing Site.

From the architectural design to the location of the light sockets, DANMARK DESIGN+CONSTRUCTION wants your home to be suited to you in every way. To that end, we’ll meet with you numerous times along the way to ensure every detail is right. We’ll listen as you describe your ideal home, and our team of designers and Ohio home builders will personalize your home to make it “your own”.

Steps We Take in our Ohio Building Process:

  • Initial Meeting: During this introductory meeting, we’ll discuss what you want and need in a house. We will begin planning your vision and discuss your budget as well.
  • Design Meeting: This is where we start bringing your house to life. We’ll discuss the function, flow, design, and budget for your home and begin designing blueprints. You may choose to bring your own blueprints. A small deposit and declaration of intent will be required at the end this meeting in order to move forward to the next step.
  • Review Meeting: At this consultation you’ll review and finalize the blueprints, discuss the schedule and begin planning for construction.
  • Pre-Construction Meeting: During this phase of the project, you’ll choose the materials, fixtures, and accessories for your home. We give you complete freedom to customize as you want.
  • Construction Begins: We’ll break ground, regularly updating you on our progress.
  • Pre-Drywall Electrical Walk-through: Once the frame is erected and the home begins to take shape, we’ll map out an electrical plan for fixture placements.
  • Homeowner Orientation: After we complete your home, we’ll walk through together and inspect every room and review all mechanical systems.
  • Closing: Now we get to welcome you home! We’ll give you the keys to your dream house and review the homeowner’s manual.

We hope you’re thrilled to work with our Ohio home builders and bring your project to life.